Reclaim your voice and begin your singing journey


One thing that I’ve discovered over the years, as a voice coach, and as a choir director is that there are so many people in the world that love singing, but at some point along the way they have either been discouraged by someone, who said something like ‘be realistic’, ‘you’re too old to learn’ or ‘you’re just not good enough’ – or when they were training, they came across a music related word or concept they didn’t fully understand and they eventually gave up just because it got confusing.

If that sounds like you, and you’ve always secretly dreamed of singing, or even performing somewhere one day, but stopped yourself – out of doubt, fear or confusion, I would love to firstly tell you that whoever said those things to you, or even if you said those things to yourself – they are actually not true. Singing is a skill and it can be learnt – by anyone. If you love the feeling of singing, then, it is not too late for you to reclaim your voice, with my easy to understand interactive book, The Voice Factor.


The Voice Factor is ‘Singing made Simple’ by applying common sense, using plain English and throwing in a dose of fun for good measure!

Smashing the myth that you have to be a ‘born singer’ to sing well, this delightful short-read, with foreword by multi-award winning singer Kate Ceberano, will surprise you with its contemporary twist on voice coaching, and bring singing back to the core fundamentals on what makes a competent singer.

Complete with all the resources you’ll need at your fingertips: online video tutorials, downloadable cheat sheets and checklists, and easy to follow instructions, The Voice Factor will ensure you are winning every step of the way. If you have always dreamed of learning how to sing, but have been held back by self-doubt, confusion or fear, then The Voice Factor is the must-have book to reclaim your voice and begin your amazing singing journey today.