Pop Vocal Workouts To Fast-Track Your Singing


Having designed this program, after finding traditional scales and vocal exercises both unmotivating, unchallenging and boring, The Voice Factor Pop Vocal Workout playlist reflects contemporary pop sounds and rhythms, as opposed to traditional singing scales.

The programs feature level based workouts for Amateurs, Intermediates and Pro levels, as well as separate Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass vocal ranges so that you can choose or package the best workouts(s) for your voice or range.

There is also an option to order a customized version if your range overlaps over more than one vocal range, and a choir workout for singers/choir directors who would like to warm-up in harmony as a group in SATB format with optional sheet music.

It’s always worth knowing what your vocal range is so that you get the best out of your workouts. If you’re not sure, please feel free to visit my Vocal Range video on the Singing Hacks page on this site.

Shuffle a random playlist of up to 12 workouts over 30 minutes as a dynamic way to complement your current in-person singing sessions, or as a more general at-home training alternative that won’t break your budget.